Cloud Computing Brightens Indies’ Outlook


Cinema reaches the cloud.


Originally posted on Variety:

Cloud computing was once an esoteric tech tool, something for visual-effects companies and tech-forward filmmakers.
But as they’ve come down in price, cloud services — like such once-exotic tools as CGI and digital intermediate — have been adopted by independent films and live events, changing filmed entertainment production along the way.

Cloud advocates that it liberates creatives from the limitations of whatever physical infrastructure they could afford. David Peto, CEO of Aframe — which recently unveiled version 3.0 of its cloud platform — calls it removing “friction.”

“Friction is all the stuff that gets in the way, every day, of anyone who’s creative,” says Peto. “Waiting around for stuff to come back, waiting to see what’s going on in the edit, waiting for stuff to be changed from one format to another … all of those things that slow down the process.”

Cloud storage, the most familiar cloud service, makes…

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